Here you can find information about all the products from the Liquid Rubber range for details on prices or to find your local distributor please dont hesitate to contact us on 01948 841 877


Flood Coat: Improves the adhesion of the main waterproofing membrane when applied to existing asphalt, built-up felt, fibre cement sheets and semi-porous surfaces. Brush & roller applied, coverage rate of 5 Sq.Mt. per Litre. Available in 5ltr, 20ltr.

Trowel Grade: Used to repair holes and large cracks in the existing roof surface and upstands. Applied by trowel or brush the coverage varies according to usage.Available in 2.5ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr.

Geo Textile: Used to reinforce the main waterproofing membrane when applied toupstands, used for detailing work around services, parapets, outlets, etc. and for the interface between different surfaces. Available in 100mtr length x 75mm, 150mm, 300mm width.

Brush and Roller Grade / High Build: The mainstay of the Liquid Rubber range, High Build is used as the main waterproofing membrane on smaller and more awkward roofs and used on most detailing work. Applied in two coats by brush & roller at an overall coverage rate of 2.0Lt. per Sq. Mt. Available in 2.5ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr.


Spray Grade / Instant Set: For use on larger contracts Spray Grade is a specialist single coat application surface cured immediately. With an application rate of up to 1000 Sq.Mt. per day. Hire of man and machine required. Available to spec.

Grey Top Coat  is an optional extra applied onto the cured Liquid Rubber membrane using a brush, roller or airless spray at an application rate of 4-5 Sq. Mt. per Lt. Also available is our yellow ‘Anti Slip’ coating, for designated walkways. Available in 5ltr, 20ltr

Gutter Tape: is used to provide quick immediate waterproofing in awkward areas in low tempuratures and when water may be a constant threat. Available in 150mm, 300mm, 900mm.

For more information on Liquid Rubber Systems please dont hesitate to contact our technical support team on 01948 841 877 or alternatively check out our technical support section.