Roof Refurbishment

Completed: August 2015

Size: 320m²

System Used: Liquid Rubber Professional

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Amusement Park

Liquid Rubber Professional was specified on this project, due to its high performance, seamless finish and rapid spray application rate.

Refurbishment works to the existing failing feflective paint coated asbestos consisted of the area being cleaned, then detailed using Liquid Rubber Professional Brush & Roller, embedded with Liquid Rubber GeoTextile to give Roofurther reinforcement.

Upon the completion of detailing, Liquid Rubber Professional Spray Grade was spray applied in 1 coat in 1 day providing a fully bonded, seamless waterproofing system, complimented with a 10 year guarantee.

This project was completed in 1 week, with zero disruption to customers and businesses below.

Specification Overview

  • Exisiting Build Up - Failing Reflective Paint Coated Asbestos
  • Cleaning of Surface with 2000psi Pressure Washer
  • Detail Reinforcement - All vulnerable areas detailed using Liquid Rubber GeoTextile, embedded into Liquid Rubber Professional Brush & Roller
  • Liquid Rubber Professional Spray Grade 5mm
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