Rapid Curing Waterproofing System

RapidRoof is a seamless, waterproofing system that can be brush or roller applied as a cold liquid.  It is a rapid curing, two coat membrane, that cures within 20 minutes per layer and can be trafficked within an hour - providing a fully bonded, tough surface, with over 200% elasticity.

RapidRoof Features:

RapidRoof provides a cured membrane, with a similar finish to Glass-Reinforced Plastic or EPDM but with greater flexibility and much faster application rates.  RapidRoof is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofs and is available with an Anti-Skid finish for designated walkways balconies or as a standalone system, in grey as standard or black if available (please call for other colour requirements, subject to minimum 160m2 order and 10 days delivery).

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